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The piece Lanchas para bailar featuring:
Mónica Waisman: baroque violin
Nick Milne: viola da gamba
Gabriel Aguilera Valdebenito: vocals, charango, percussion
Adrián Rodríguez Van der Spoel: vocals, baroque guitar

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Misa Criolla 50 year!

In 2014 fifty years ago Ariel Ramírez composed his Misa Criolla. Starting 2011, Música Temprana performed this popular mass several times, complementing the programme by Early Music from Latin America. At every occasion the programme was loudly applauded. This was how the idea was born to record a CD featuring the Misa Criolla alongside 17th and 18th century villancicos from Bolivia, Peru and Mexico.

Crowdfunding successfull

This CD is actually going to happpen! The crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the CD was a success. On January 1st we reached our goal. The CD has been recorded and we are happy with the results. Time has come to start the final editing of the rough material before we can produce the actual CD. In April all contributors will receive their rewards (mostly CD’s) in their postbox.

If you want to keep informed on Música Temprana's activities, please send an E-mail message to Musica Temprana.

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